Phanya (pronounced Tanya just with a P) was born in Cambodia and grew up in Olympia area from age 3 on. Now residing in Tacoma, Phanya has always had a passion to help others. She spent years care giving and eventually went to school for massage therapy and graduated in 2009 from Everest College, Phanya has now been practicing for over 7 years at both franchise and private owned practices. With her experience she decided to open a clinic with her husband, mentor, and best friend.

Phanya specializes in prenatal massage, Swedish, Deep tissue, Treatment, and stretching.

In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym, watch movies, spend time with her family, and being a cheerleader for her 2 daughters and 1 son.   License # 60079248

Eric has been practicing since he graduated in 2009 from Everest College. In that time he met and married his wife, business partner, and best friend. Eric is very passionate about massage therapy and has a strong intuition when working with the muscles tissue. He views his work as problem solving by uncovering what the body is hiding within the muscles by using the muscles as his guide to solving all underlying issues at hand. He also enjoys finding areas that you have hurt in the past have not bothered you some time. He has found that the injured muscle will continue to send signals and energy that help him to identify where issues still remain.

Eric enjoys spending time with my family, watching the Seahawks, bowling, and camping with the family. 

Eric specialize in deep tissue, treatment, and stretching. In the session I incorporate some Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pin & Stretch and Myo Facial Release techniques to help warm up the tissue.  License # 60112195

Phanya Pick, LMT

1002 MLK JR WAY, Tacoma, WA 98405                     253-223-6267  

Eric Pick, LMT


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